Massage Services

We offer a variety of massages to accommodate your needs. Our licensed massage therapists can assist you in getting the most from your massage. Carefully administered techniques will improve circulation, soothe sore muscles, promote relaxation, and detoxify the body. Speak to one of our massage therapists with any questions or concerns you may have today.

Aromatherapy Massage
$105.00 75 min.
Unify your senses with this deeply aromatic treatment. Together with specialized massage techniques and the intense blend of essential oils, this treatment will deliver a feeling of well-being to the mind, body and soul.
Canyon Falls Deep Tissue Massage -
$50.00 30 min.
$85.00 60 min.
$120.00 90 min.
Designed for the physically active, this pre and post-exercise therapy combines range of motion, stretching and resistance work. Increases oxygen to muscle tissue while promoting recovery and prevention of injuries.
Canyon Falls Hot Stone Massage
$50.00 30 min.
$85.00 60 min.
$120.00 90 min.
A wonderful alternative to the traditional massage. Your therapist uses warm smooth basalt stones, while massaging the body. The heat allows deeper penetration to the muscle. A truly relaxing experience.
Canyons Swedish/Relaxation Massage
$40.00 30 min.
$70.00 60 min.
$100.00 90 min.
A series of long, deep strokes and gentle manipulations along the muscles increase blood flow and ease tension for soothing relaxation.
Dead Sea Experience
$145.00 75 min.

Indulge yourself in the ultimate body treatment. Experience a body scrub that restores the skin's natural tone making it look brighter and clearer. A mud mask is then applied from the neck to the toes while you relax and unwind. Dead Sea mud detoxifies, remineralizes, eases muscle and joint tension, and stimulates blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin, imparting a feeling of freshness and vitality! As a final touch, a soothing body lotion is applied to tone and moisturize the skin.

Maternity Massage
$45.00 30 min.
$75.00 60 min.

Massage for women who deserve it the most. This massage helps soothe the areas most affected: the back and legs. Let our therapists ease the aches and pains of your growing body. Relaxing yourself relaxes the baby too!

$80.00 50 min.
$110.00 80 min.
Reiki is an ancient healing art that promotes the body's natural healing ability. It is a natural system of healing that uses life force energy and is a laying-on-of hands technique utilized through the seven major energy centers of your body. It revitalizes the entire body while restoring the body's natural flow through deep relaxation. The results are feelings of well being, inner peace and higher levels of energy.
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